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*New* Clippie Clutch
American Girl Doll and Girl Matching Headband sets
Itty Bitty Hair Bows
Woven Headbands
Basic Hair Bow
One for Now - One for Later
Woven Headband and Clippie Sets
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Sweet Pea Kidz Too!

It All Started back in 2004 when my sister first started to design clothes for her “Sweet Pea”. Disappointed in the quality and washability of some of the boutique clothing she started Sweet Pea Kidz. As we would shop for matching hair bows in the local stores we were unhappy with the high prices and low quality. My sister reminded me of the bows I use to make and asked for coordinating bows for her designs, so we could offer a "complete" outfit.
As my niece grew and was joined by her little sister – so did their need for hair accessories. So I started making different styles of bows and came to find out that the girls and their friends favorite was the basic style bow – and the key was that they would be securely attached to the clips. Each Bow is hand sewn so when the little girls take the hair bow out of their hair by usually grabbing the bow Mom doesn't have to worry that the bow will fall apart. This is the most important part of the quality. We also heat seal all of our ends so to keep the bows looking fresh and new.
As the girls have grown up – they now like headbands so I started working on them. The hair bows also interchange on the headbands and can be attached as all of our hairbows are on alligator clips. A great little extra touch for any outfit. You can even put the bow in their hair on the run.
I have had so much fun making hair bows and headbands – Sweet Pea Kidz Too! came to be – as Sister Site to my Sister’s site! Her site is www.SweetPeaKidz.com
All of Sweet Pea Kidz and Sweet Pea Kidz Too! products are kid tested and mommy approved. The Girls have to like them for comfort and looks. The Mommy’s have to like them for great prices and quality fabrication.

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